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The whole food which eat is not digested by our body. A part of food which we eat remains undigested (or insoluble)which cannot be used by the body. This undigested part of the food or the waste part of the food is then removed from the body in the form of faeces when we go …

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After the digestion of the food, the food molecules become small and soluble. The soluble food molecules can pass through the wall of our intestine and go into blood. The process in which digested food passes through the intestinal wall into blood stream is called absorption. Many time the chemical absorption (acids absorption) is used …

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The food of most animals consists of large insoluble (inexplicable) molecules which cannot be absorbed by the animal’s body in this form. So, before the food or the energy can be used by the animals for various functions like getting energy or for growth, it must be broken down into small, water soluble molecules which …

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In order to provide the energy (food) necessary for growth and carry on life’s activities, we must ‘eat food’ or ‘take food into the body’. The process of taking the food into the body is called ingestion. In most simple terms, ingestion means ‘eating of food’ by the animal. When we put the food with …

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process of nutrition in animals

There are five main processes with the use of food by animals. In other words, there are 5 steps in the process of nutrition in animals. These are : Injection, Digestion, Absorption, Assimilation and Egestion. All these steps are discussed below : Ingestion. Digestion. Absorption. Assimilation. Egestion. Click on the links for more information…..


Some animals eat both, plants as well as the animals as food. Those animals which eat both, the plants and the animals are called omnivores. In other words, the omnivores eat plants as a food as well as the meat (or flesh) of other animals. Some of the examples of omnivores are: Man (human beings), …

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Some animals eat only other animals. They do not eat plant food at all. Those animal which eat only other animals as food are called carnivores. Carnivores eat only the meat (or flesh) of the other animals. In other words, we can say that : Those animals which eat only the meat (or flesh) of …

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Some animals eat only plants (or their products). Those animal which eat only plants are called herbivores. The herbivores may eat grasses, leaves, grains, fruits or the bark of the trees. Some of the examples of herbivores are : Goat, Cow, Buffalo, Ship, Horse. Some other examples of herbivores are : Deer, Camel, Ass, Ox, …

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